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bantinggsa's Journal

Banting's Gay/Straight Alliance
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This is the community for Banting Memorial High School's Gay/Straight Alliance. Only students of BMHS should be joining this community.
You don't have to join the community to be a member of the GSA, of course. It's just a handy way of posting information about meetings, ideas, etc.
Our GSA was started in the school year 2002/2003 by Jeremy, who has since graduated.
No, you don't have to be gay to join. Look at the name, people.
Coming to one meeting does not make a lifetime commitment, so if you want to just hang out with us sometime to see what our group is like, it's no big deal. :)

Meetings, when they can be arranged, are on Thursdays after school in room 245. They run until 4:30, but you can leave whenever you want, naturally.
if you have any further questions, my e-mail is on this info page.

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