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well, todays meeting was a total bust. NOBODY came.
Usually it's just my friends and I know they can't always make it, I don't blame them.
But it sucks that no other students are taking an interest. They don't care, aren't interested, or are too chicken.
I stayed till 2:45 and didn't feel like sitting around any longer, so Britt and I went home.

People must have the wrong idea. It's not alcoholics anonymous... "hello, My name's Renée, and I'm a homosexual!"

we just hang out. watch movies. think up fun stuff to do.
(gay karaoke? crossdressing day? hello, anyone?)
anyways... I'll keep running announcements and showing up on thursdays. I'll talk to a VP about crossdress day. I'll plan a trip somewhere, eventually.
I'll make new posters, new info flyers, and do something for human rights day.

At least Cherry, Jenny, and sometimes Jo or Amanda will come to meetings. Plus Britt, and now Jasmine.
I wish some boys would come. or even some girls I haven't met. there are tons of gay kids who just don't bother to show up. (I'd settle for just one appearance, really :P)
sigh. it's just a little discouraging.
It's like...the kids are getting MORE ignorant, instead of more open minded. How do we effect social change in such a horrible, prejudiced atmosphere?

just keep trying I guess.
People don't realize how much bigotry we still face. You learn (I have trouble) to shrug it off, I don't know who these people are. If I cried every time I got DYKE yelled at me, I'd suffocate. But I suck at dealing with it, so I just get resentful and mean and bitter.
Hate me because I'm a bitch, not because I'm gay. honestly now.

I guess I just wish I felt there was more support for us. I don't KNOW you care unless you say something.
The worst part is, people probably think we don't need any support. We live in an "enlightened time", after all. We have "rights". what does it matter if nobody respects them?

anyhoo. thats enough from me.
any graduated BMHS students are welcome to join, btw (psst...melanie.) just if they wanna tell us some good ideas.

btw, Allison is our benefactor of sorts! she gave me this lj code. She is a famous, Hawt pornstar. bowdown :D~ hehehe

see you all at school tomorrow.'s almost over...
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